What is VergeCurrency?

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Verge is a cryptocurrency that focuses on total anonymity and privacy for its users.

Whereas Bitcoin succeeded in the mission of creating a decentralised cryptocurrency, Verge brings it further by making transactions completely anonymous. The currency is virtually untraceable and the users of Verge can make instant anonymous transactions.

How is this possible? Verge implements highly advanced blockchain technology built on top of services such as Tor and I2P that hides your personal data, such as IP-addresses and geolocation. With the future implementation of RSK technology, Verge will offer smart contracts functionality, while maintaining total confidentiality of the users, thus being the only cryptocurrency on the market combining such features.

Why not simply use VPN?

While communicating via Virtual Private Network (VPN) the only encrypted part of connection is from you to VPN provider. From there onwards, the communication remains unprotected. Thus, VPN service requires trust that your provider does not disclose information, logs and records about your operations. With Verge the user does not have to rely on any third party for protection of confidentiality.

How Verge is structured?

Verge Currency is a 100{d5fe6ff56e0cbdf728bb390499e82137eb3f7b12d15a2c6b1e7e10a9abcd5ac9} open source project and The Verge Community has full input and inclusion in any and all decisions made in regard to new feature implementations. Verge is a grassroots style project with a core development team constantly working to improve upon the existing foundations of XVG. There was no ICO held upon launch, and no pre-mine took place.

What makes Verge unique?

There are many cryptocurrencies out there and they are often very similar to one another. Here is what makes Verge so special:

  • Verge has a public blockchain, which allows to see coin distribution, number of users and other statistics, while keeping meta transaction data anonymous.
  • With future implementation of RSK technology, Verge will be the first privacy-focused cryptocurrency with integrated smart contracts functionality.
  • Verge transactions are fast thanks to 30 seconds blocks.
  • Verge is ready for mass adoption having developed multiple wallet applications for every OS, both desktop and mobile.
  • Verge is an open source project driven by dedicated development team and a strong talented community.
  • Verge maximum supply is fixed and amounts to 16.5 billion coins. Such supply allows for fairer distribution, prevents market – manipulation to a great extent and makes Verge suitable for regular payments.
  • Verge employs multi-algorithm on its blockchain, making it possible to mine Verge with different types of mining devices.
  • Verge did not have a pre-mine, nor it was an ICO.
  • Wraith Protocol will make it possible to easily hide transactions in the private ledger, if necessary, while leaving an option of transacting across publicly accessible ledger for those who value transparency and keeping records.

Keep an eye on Verge, check out our Blackpaper and Join the Revolution!

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