VergeCurrency Listing on Binance Exchange

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VergeCurrency to be listed on Binance Exchange!

VergeCurrency Team is very excited to announce that $XVG will be listed on Binance
on the upcoming Monday, October 2nd.

About Binance

Binance is setting a new gold standard in cryptocurrency trading, based on its
scalable and highly-redundant architecture. We believe that they will take
the lead in this area now and into the future. As of today, Binance is already
one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume in the world.

The team behind Binance is excellent, working hard to deliver superior trading
experience to its users. Some of the many benefits Binance provides are:

  • Safety stability ensured by multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture;
  • High performance (Binance is able to process over 1,4 mln of orders per second);
  • Great liquidity;
  • Multiplatform support (Web, Android, iOS, HTML5, PC, Mac);
  • Multilingual support (English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese).

With $XVG listing as the first and highly important step, we at VergeCurrency are
looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership in the time to come!

About VergeCurrency

For those who are new to VergeCurrency, below is a brief introduction. More details
can be found in the previous blog post “What is Verge?”,
as well as on our website.

Verge is a cryptocurrency that
focuses on total anonymity and privacy for its users.

Whereas Bitcoin succeeded in the mission of creating a decentralised cryptocurrency, VergeCurrency
brings it further by making transactions completely anonymous. The currency is virtually untraceable and the users of VergeCurrency can make instant anonymous transactions.

How is this possible? VergeCurrency implements highly advanced blockchain technology built on top of services such as Tor and I2P that hides your personal data, such as IP-addresses and geolocation. With the future implementation of RSK technology, Verge will offer smart contracts functionality, while maintaining total confidentiality of the users, thus being the only cryptocurrency on the market combining such features.

VergeCurrency is script based and makes it very easy to implement on an exchange.

Transaction speeds are ultra-fast compared to other coins. Simple Payment Verification (SPV) technology allows average transaction confirmation times to drop to ~5 seconds. Also, there is a tipping bot cooked into the algorithm which helps translate the effectiveness of merging low fees, ultra-fast transaction speeds into a high-volume coin.

What are VergeCurrency Major Features?

  • Completely anonymous and privacy-focused

  • Active development team with many contributors

  • Great support from the community

  • Ready for mass adoption

  • Ultra-fast transactions

  • Decentralized and open-source

  • Stealth Addressing as an Option of Wraith Protocol

  • Private Transactions as an Option of Wraith Protocol

  • IP Address Obfuscation of both the Sender and Receiver

About Verge Community

VergeCurrency is an open source project and Verge Community has full input
and inclusion in any and all decisions made in regard to new feature implementations.
VergeCurrency is a grassroots style project with a core development team constantly
working to improve upon the existing foundations of XVG.
There was no ICO held upon launch, and no pre-mine took place.

Therefore, the largest benefit that VergeCurrency can provide immediately, is the direct
and highly engaged support of our massive online community. VergeCurrency is a truly
global cryptocurrency with a wide spread team of volunteers and people that believe
in the Verge cause. This has been proven by the fact that up until six weeks ago,
no money has been spent on marketing or development – VergeCurrency is truly 100{d5fe6ff56e0cbdf728bb390499e82137eb3f7b12d15a2c6b1e7e10a9abcd5ac9}
community supported.

What’s next?

With all above being said, VergeCurrency is now prepared to expand, and there is
a strategic plan for development and further growth. VergeCurrency is launching on multiple
new exchanges and wallets already and there is more, much more to come. One of the major future milestones is RSK technology implementation, whereby Verge will be the first privacy-focused cryptocurrency with integrated smart contracts functionality.

Finally, VergeCurrency has an organized marketing team and they are working tirelessly,
around-the-clock to create landing pages, PPC campaigns, social media campaigns,
and to write blog posts and interviews with media sources world-wide,
both brick-and-mortar and online.

Stay tuned and welcome Binance to VergeCurrency Family!

Vergely Yours
VergeCurrency Team

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