VeChain’s Rise to Prominence: 12 Key Collaborations Set to Disrupt Markets

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  • VeChain optimizes the supply chain with traceability, working with Kuehne & Nagel to track goods in real time.
  • VeChain’s collaboration with PwC improves product verification, benefiting clients such as IBM and Ford with blockchain technology.

VeChain excels in blockchain technology, especially in improving supply chain processes with traceability and carbon management. This approach optimizes the supply chain and promotes partnerships to ensure an efficient end-to-end process.

With more than 300 business partnerships, VeChain addresses supply chain challenges and facilitates information management. Among these partnerships, 12 promise to transform sectors such as logistics, auditing, retail and clean energy.

Kuehne & Nagel, an early VeChain alliance, employs blockchain to tag packages, enabling real-time tracking of goods. This collaboration highlights Kuehne & Nagel’s position in the global air and ocean freight business, with revenues in excess of $22.4 billion.

The partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 2017 was another step forward, committing to use VeChain’s blockchain solutions for its broad client base, including IBM and Ford, enhancing product verification and traceability.

Walmart China uses VeChain’s blockchain technology to monitor temperature-controlled products, reducing risks of spoilage and contamination. In 2022, VeChain became the first official UFC Layer 1 blockchain, promising access to advanced UFC facilities for corporate events and exclusive fan promotions.

Groupe Renault, together with Microsoft and Viseo, created a digital maintenance ledger for cars, showcasing the strength of blockchain and opening opportunities for more partnerships in the automotive industry.

The collaboration with the Cyprus government, through Invest Cyprus, reflects VeChain’s commitment to innovative blockchain solutions, part of policy reforms that facilitate the use of blockchain in investment and government services.

VeChain’s journey is fueled by our dedication to innovation, adoption, and community empowerment. Stay tuned for more exciting developments later this month as we continue to grow our ecosystem.

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The partnership with Direct Imported Goods (D.I.G) highlights authenticity in wine, allowing VeChain to validate and track data from producers.

The collaboration with the National Research Consulting Center (NRCC) showcases VeChain’s use in developing anti-counterfeiting technology, while the partnership with Fanghuwang, which provides loans to SMEs in China, demonstrates VeChain’s versatility in improving data management.

ENN Energy Holdings Limited, together with Shanghai Gas Group and VeChain, develops an LNG management solution, showing how blockchain and IoT can optimize quality assurance for different types of natural gas.

DNV GL implemented My Story, VeChain’s first Dapp, a digital solution for the food and beverage industry, based on audits and data collection.

The partnership with NTT Docomo for the development of 5G technology shows VeChain’s commitment to advanced technology and its application in the supply chain and other sectors.

These alliances show VeChain’s adaptability to apply blockchain technology in different sectors, demonstrating the growing acceptance of these technologies in the business world.

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