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Verge (XVG) (formerly DogecoinDark (DOGED)) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from Dogecoin in October 2014 and re-branded as VERGE in February 2016. The project exploited the growing popularity of the "fun" Dogecoin cryptocurrency while adding code to increase the coin's anonymity and privacy features, notably the network's ability to run on dedicated Tor nodes. Verge is a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses multiple hashing algorithms to mine new coins. The number of coins issued has been set to 9 billion during the first year and one billion per year thereafter.

ATOMIC Announcement & Crowdfunding Campaign

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VergeCurrency Listing on Binance Exchange

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1 day ago
Hey #vergefam, checkout our #marketing update with honourable mentions to @ Verge #4010cointurkey, @VoiceLife_Inc @binance @sevenb_roker @getblockio.

Thanks to @xvid_1, @knicky74 & @cboisss for their #volunteer contributions.

#XVG #BUSD #opensource
2 days ago
Everything $XVG has, is owed to #volunteer effort, as an #openaccess #opensource #opendev project.
@Xvid_1 produced a quality video here, explaining how our updated #electrum wallet functions.
Thank you for your contribution to the #vergefam
3 days ago
Hey #VergeFam,

Check the picture for a #contest you could #win.

The rules are simple, use the current #Verge logo & tweet your design with #VergeMerch in the caption.

Print size 12" x 16" 150dpi.

Deadline for entries is May 31st.
#XVG colors presskit:
vergecurrency photo
3 days ago
In less then a week, we grew our community in Turkey, thanks to dedicated community members there, like @vergecointurkey, @Desolatorbtc, @on_isbilir, @brsbyk89, @hawk2555, ahmet_tprkk, @crpier1.

Be sure to join if you speak Turkish:
4 days ago
We'd like to give a shout out to all our #vergefam! Thank you for all your continued support! #XVG vergecurrency photo
6 days ago
Hey #VergeFam!

Check out these $XVG use cases!

@swapzoneio lets you exchange any #crypto to $XVG and offers many rates to choose from

@nowpayments_io lets you accept $XVG as #payment

Try them, post screenshots in replies!
1 day ago
An officer with 26 years experience saying "I accidentally used my pistol instead of my taser" is equivalent to saying:

"I missed your call because I accidentally answered it with my wallet."
2 days ago
Bill Gates wants to dispel sunlight.

This should dispel any doubts that he is indeed the Prince of Darkness.
3 days ago
In the midst of this dank prison there is an inmate who is constantly smiling. I asked him why.

"You don't need a reason to smile" he said.

Just thought I'd pass this on.
1 week ago
Michael Burry. Nothing bending or even approaching SEC regulations. Just warning of a bubble bursting.

And he is "visited" by SEC regulators. He deletes his account.

Germany. 1939. Hitler's SS "visited" every opponent of Hitler's regime.

They all had a change of heart.
1 week ago
The US spends our money in secrecy. They reveal mere generalities. Yet our every penny is scrutinized.

The opposite of our constitution's intent.

Crypto currency privacy coins are the greatest defense against this corrupt system ever developed.
2 weeks ago
Power improves no one. Love, gentleness, compassion, kindness - have no use for power. They flower from the heart.

The parts hungry for power are greed, hostility and every other destructive aspect of human nature.

Power corrupts. Without exception.