September Overview & The Roadmap Update

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Recent Progress

I think we can all agree that September has been a very exciting month for Verge and October is going to be even better, so buckle up! But before we get to the juicy upcoming stuff, let’s briefly go over just some of the things that happened over the last 30-something days, breaking it down into 3 categories.


  • A major milestone on the roadmap was completed: the Verge Telegram Bot went live. The user manual can be found here.
  • Shortly before that, the Verge Twitter Bot was implemented. In case you missed it, the announcement and the user guide is here.
  • Verge Discord Bot released back in August was largely rewritten and updated to become much faster and reliable. Check out the manual.
  • CoinPouch iOS Wallet was released, adding Verge support to the app.
  • The Verge Team has shaken the crypto space by announcing the upcoming Wraith Protocol in a breathtaking teaser.
  • A massive Electrum infrastructure upgrade was rolled out to match the growing popularity of the service. Now you can deploy your own electrum server!
  • The first of its kind Tor Android Wallet has been updated.

Social media

As one of the members of the Verge Marketing Team Michael Stollaire said in the recent interview:

“Community is the greatest asset of Verge”

Exchange Listings

  • Verge won in an epic Twitter poll battle to be listed on HitBTC exchange, the 5th biggest exchange by volume in the world. The Verge Community has shown extraordinary activity and delivered nearly 100,000 votes. Digibyte Community has put up a great fight and as a result HitBTC (clearly in awe) decided to reward the amazing communities by listing both coins on the exchange!
  • Verge was also listed on the Binance exchange on Monday, October 2nd, following unprecedented Verge Community effort in their “Community Coin per Month” Program. You can read about Binance in our previous blog post here.
  • Verge partnered up with Nexchange (details here).
  • Yet another Twitter poll was crushed by The Verge Community! This time to be added to Changelly. Well, what can we say? Great job, Community! You. Are. Unstoppable. The guys at Changelly are already working on the integration, so stay tuned.

What’s Up Next? The Roadmap update!

Ufff… That was a lot, wasn’t it?

Alright, let’s now get to the good stuff. Without further ado, here’s the new quarterly overview of Verge:

The central update of the 4th Quarter 2017 is going to be the Core Wallet Release coming out in October. The much awaited Wraith Protocol will be a game changer, bringing Verge technology to the next level. The milestone includes other features as well (new user interface, baked-in Tor, faster sync and something else), which will be covered in the immediate future in more detail.

Besides that, The Verge Development Team is working hard on the following updates to be released in the 4th Quarter:

  • Stylish redesign of the paper wallet generator, that is used to store your Verge coins offline. Soon you will be able to show off this bad-ass looking wallet, themed as Wraith Protocol, and keep your coins in style!
  • Official Mining Pool & Mining Guide: with the new Official Verge Multi-Algorithm Mining Pool you will be able to support Verge network and fund further development. Our official guide will make for an easy set up!
  • XVGui Miner: a mining software which enables even the most inexperienced users to start mining $XVG, with as little know-how and information as possible. At simplest it works like this: enter in your Verge public address, leave all the settings at default and press “Start mining”. This just can’t get any simpler.
  • i2P Android Wallet: as a part of Verge mobile integration, i2P Android Wallet will allow you to stay anonymous using your Android device.
  • Steam, Slack & Reddit Tipping Bots will be great additions to the collection of peer-to-peer transfer bots that are already in place (Telegram & Twitter bots).
  • More exchange listings, including the next generation bitcoin and digital asset trading platform NakamotoX. You can already sign up for alpha testing on their website and read more about the platform here. Needless to say, The Verge Marketing Team is constantly in touch with other major exchanges as well. In particular, more attention is being paid to de-centralised exchanges, which are going to be the future in the crypto space.
  • With the RSK launch postponed until after potential Bitcoin fork, at the end of the quarter Verge is planning to integrate the technology and become the only cryptocurrency on the market combining total anonymity and smart contracts functionality (that’s probably worth a tweet).
  • If you paid close attention to the overview above, you might have noticed something else that will be revealed soon. Sooner than you think… ?

On this mysterious note, The Verge Team wishes you a great October!
Stay tuned and, most importantly, stay anonymous.

Wraithly Yours,
The Verge Team


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