RedeemGBTC Campaign To Host Shareholders Meetup At Miami Bitcoin Conference

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Grayscale Bitcoin Trust investors unsatisfied with the status quo will meet at Bitcoin 2023 in an effort to address issues they see in the Trust.

Disclaimer: BTC Inc. is the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin Conference.

The campaign, a grassroots movement to address the dissatisfaction many Grayscale shareholders have expressed in the management of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, has announced a pivotal shareholder meeting at Bitcoin 2023.

The Trust, now trading at an approximate 40% discount, has created a “situation [that] calls for immediate action and has led to the organization of the GBTC Shareholders Meetup by” The goal of the meetup in Miami is to provide these concerned investors with a venue to convene for discussion in regards to the future of the Trust. also announced that it is accepting proposals from companies interested in becoming the next sponsor for the Trust. “Proposals will be reviewed by the organizers, and selected companies will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the GBTC Shareholders Meetup,” the announcement says. “Shareholders will have the chance to engage with these companies, evaluate their propositions, and provide feedback.”

According to the announcement, more than 30% of the GBTC shareholders are anticipated to be in attendance, making it a formidable gathering of collective investors.

Additional information on the GBTC Shareholders Meetup, registration for the meetup and a submission portal for sponsorship proposals are available on the Bitcoin 2023 Industry Day page.

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