Nexchange Integration

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VergeCurrency Team is pleased to make an introduction of Nexchange to the community!

What is Nexchange?

Nexchange is a fast, reliable, easy to use and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts, for crypto enthusiasts.

Built on total transparency and a strive to make cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses, Nexchange features a simple to use interface as well as a powerful API to encourage third parties to integrate with the platform. Founded in the UK in mid-2016, Nexchange recently launched their new front-end client to great success.

What makes Nexchange different?


Compared to exchanges like Kraken or Poloniex, Nexchange is a different kind of platform. While the former (custodial) require users to deposit money into their accounts, Nexchange lets you trade cryptocurrency anonymously, while retaining control of your wallets. This saves users most of the hassle involved in exchanging cryptocurrency, thereby streamlining the process significantly: It only takes a new user under 60 seconds to initiate a trade on the platform. When working directly with the API it is even easier – all it takes is one call to start a trade.

For more info on the custodial vs. instant exchange debate, check out this article by Nexchange.

Cost Effectiveness & Transparency

Beyond ease of use and reliability, Nexchange also strives to beat the competition on price. To help users make the right choice, Nexchange features a real time rates comparison widget for some of the top traded currency pairs.

You can read more about that here.

Going Forward

For the Nexchange brand, the cryptocurrency exchange is just one piece of a planned ecosystem of Blockchain products. By creating a one-stop shop for mining, distribution, merchant integration and even white-labeling, Nexchange is poised to become an industry leader in this growing field. Currently in private beta, Nexchange already have a functional multi-mining pool with much more coming soon. Stay tuned!

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