NAGA WALLET Launching New ICO-Hub

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NAGA is already well-known as a leading ecosystem in the cryptocurrency space. Now, the comprehensive platform is launching an addition to its popular NAGA WALLET service — the ICO-Hub.

Curated ICOs

NAGA WALLET’S new ICO-Hub feature does more than simply compile a list of random ongoing and upcoming ICOs. Rather, it provides a specially curated list of ICOs, all of which are handpicked by NAGA’s team of advisors and resident experts. Said team conducts thorough due diligence and ensures that only those with the highest trust rating are selected as part of the ICO-Hub.

Participating in ICOs is now easier than ever, as NAGA’s ICO-Hub lets users participate in the hottest and most exciting coin offerings with just a few simple clicks. Investors may also use NAGA COIN (NGC) as the method of payment, making the process even easier.

NAGA’s ICO-Hub also provides users with special discounts and other special sale conditions and automatically distributes tokens to their NAGA WALLETs upon the completion of the chosen ICO. There is no delay, and there are no complications.

Good for Everyone

NAGA’s ICO-Hub not only benefits users and those looking to invest in initial coin offerings but also those running the fundraising ventures — as the new platform offers ICOs the highest level of protection via NAGA WALLET’s foremost security solution. This helps eliminate fraudulent activity and scams.

The ICO-Hub also provides coin offerings with maximum coverage for their token sales, thanks to the fact that the NAGA ecosystem boasts one of the fastest growing international cryptocurrency user bases in the world — with up to 50,000 investors seeing the listed ICOs on a daily basis.

NAGA also provides the backing of a reliable partner, since the platform knows know to get ICOs done. In 2017, NAGA completed the second largest token sale with 63,000 investors and more than 50 million USD raised — so it’s clear the platform knows how to raise funds.

NAGA also provides access to a large community of traditional traders and investors, with a massive user base of more than 400,000 stock, forex and commodity traders.

NAGA WALLET’s ICO-Hub is providing its loyal user base with yet another opportunity to get ahead of the game in the ongoing quest for financial freedom. To learn more, check out the official website here:


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