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Litecoin (LTC) after reaching $168 USD, Charlie Lee announces that Steam Vouchers can be now bought in Litecoin as replacement of Bitcoin. The reason announced for dropping Bitcoin was that the fees were starting to get too high as well as its volatility. A lot of of the Litecoin fans see LTC has a better and improved Bitcoin (BTC) at least in terms of form of payment.

This is somewhat true in the sense that Litecoin (LTC) was created through a fork of Bitcoin where a few changes were implemented such as the block generation waiting time that was shortened to allow Litecoin to transfer 4x faster than the average Bitcoin Transaction.

On top of this change, Litecoin (LTC) created a blockchain where there are more tokens circulating in total than in Bitcoin. This allows for more scalability since most exchanges don’t allow trading under the 0.01 BTC mark. The same usually applies to Litecoin which enables users to use it more easily for transactions.

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