Leading Artificial Intelligence Startup BotChain Raises $5 Million From Top Crypto Investors

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A new trend over the years has centered on the potential impact of artificial intelligence (A.I.) on work. According to CB Insights , in 2016 more than $5 billion of venture capital was raised by companies where A.I. is a core piece of their product, which is up from around $3B the year before, and $2.6B prior to that. And, it isn’t just new companies that are building AI solutions. Long-standing software companies, like Salesforce, are actively in progress on adding intelligence to their current offering. However, while A.I. technology and investments are advancing rapidly, system trust remains a commonly discussed concern for autonomous systems.

At the epicenter of this trend is BotChain, a product whose initial development was lead by Boston-based enterprise artificial intelligence company, Talla Inc. Talla, along with the consortium of other developers now working on BotChain together reach 400 million end users, and collectively saw the need for better infrastructure to deploy trustworthy, transparent AI-systems. BotChain is slowly gaining momentum among the crypto enthusiasts who see huge potential in it and has secured the backing of high ranking crypto investors like Galaxy. Let’s dig deeper and know more about this industry changer.

About BotChain

According to its whitepaper, BotChain blockchain platform is based on the premise that as A.I.-based systems continue to be widely adopted, both users and products will need a technical infrastructure in which identities and transactions are verifiable and auditable. For instance, when an A.I. bot acts on behalf of a human, such as booking travel, sharing meeting information, or compiling documentation, a digital certificate of those transactions is hashed to a ledger, so that if an audit of what was authorized is needed, it’s immutably stored on the blockchain for reference. The BotChain team believes this technology is the missing element for truly widespread A.I. adoption in business.

By driving developmental software standards and creating a marketplace of developers and users, BotChain incentivizes bot innovation and adoption through secure and powerful intelligent machine usage within a range of enterprise environments.

BotChain Benefits

The beauty of BotChain is that it delivers critical systems that benefit anyone utilizing A.I. products, as well as those developing them.

Another integral part of BotChain’s value is it maintains bot identities that are verified with certainty for its users as well as to other bots. By maintaining verifiable bot identities, the platform prevents bot spoofing and spamming.

In the business world BotChain will promote transparency as an auditable, decentralized trail of autonomous decisions while retaining machine learning models, something many current systems are missing.

Become a Part of BotChain and Join a Pool of High Ranking Crypto Investors

After raising the first tranche of $5 million from the likes of Galaxy, Alpine and other lead individuals at Circle, BotChain’s institutional allocation is now open at a 25% discount. The platform is seeking to raise an additional $35 million through the token sale.

The token pre-sale for BotChain ‘s BOT token is set to commence on May 8th. There is a total supply for 40,000,000 BOT tokens and the initial price for one BOT token will be $2.50 USD, though the company notes that those are subject to change.

More information about BotChain is available at – https://botchain.network/


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