Evidence mounts as new artists jump on Stability AI, MidJourney copyright lawsuit

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The battle continues as artists amend a lawsuit previously struck down by court authorities against major AI companies who have allegedly violated creative copyright laws.

A copyright lawsuit filed against multiple companies developing artificial intelligence (AI) tools has been amended as artists and their legal teams alleged the misuse of their creative works. 

On Nov.

The new artists include H.

According to the amended class action case Stability AI, Midjourney and DeviantArt, along with a new defendant, Runway AI, have produced systems that create art in the style of the artists when the artists’ names are used as prompts fed to the AI.

The plaintiffs claim that, as a result, users have generated art that is “indistinguishable” from their own.

“AI image products are primarily valued as copyright-laundering devices, promising customers the benefits of art without the costs of artists.”

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In addition, the artists allege that Midjourney – one of the most popular generative AI tools for creating art with roughly 16.4 million users, according to its website – has violated rights that fall under federal trademark laws in the United States.

The claims point to MidJourney’s website promoting a list of over 4,700 artists’ names, which includes some of the plaintiffs’, to use as generative prompts.

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